La Mare Apartboat Nordic Line

Perfect houseboat for comfortable living on the water

Regardless of whether you are safely anchored in the harbor or going on a voyage of discovery – with the Apartboat “Nordic Line” you can enjoy a wonderfully relaxed day on the water! The large glazed front provides plenty of air and light in the salon and extends the living space to the terrace, up on the roof terrace you have a breathtaking panoramic view.

The La Mare Apartboat “Nordic Line” is so well insulated that life on the houseboat is comfortably warm and comfortable even in winter. Depending on your wishes, your houseboat can be equipped with many additional options, including solar panels or an on-board sauna. Choose your La Mare Apartboat “Nordic Line” according to your needs.

There are 5 basic types available, which can be individually motorized and adapted to your needs.


5 individual basic types (further variants on request)

Size 9,00 x 3,60 m, price from 70.000 € i plus VAT.

Size 11,00 x 4,20 m, price from 99.200 € plus VAT.

Size 12,00 x 4,20 m, price from 112.000 € plus VAT.

Size 12,00 x 5,00 m, price from 128.000 € plus VAT.

Size 15,00 x 5,00 m, price from 160.000 € plus VAT.